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Please click on the links below for ideas about where to go and what to do with your children outside in Idaho!





Learn Something

Step outside your home or apartment, and see what you find.  Point out interesting things you observe about the clouds, the shadows at twilight, the leaves on the trees or the ground. Ask your child to share what he or she sees, hears or feels.


What is your child interested in? Find ways to bring your child’s interests into your outdoor time. The public library and the internet are filled with information about the subjects your child shows an interest in.

Find out together, and talk about those subjects when you are outside together—got a rocket aficionado on your hands? Look up into the sky and talk about the constellations and space flight; how about a dinosaur lover? Ask your child about what a dinosaur would think about the place where you live—would it find the right foods? How big would be they compared to your house, for example.

You don’t have to be an expert yourself—take advantage of the hundreds of programs—usually for free!—offered by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable partners at Idaho’s public lands agencies, state parks, Idaho Fish and Game Department, wildlife and conservation organizations, city parks and recreation departments and others. Most programs are interactive, hands-on opportunities for kids to experience the outdoors and learn from experts.


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