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Teachers can reinforce the Be Outside Week message by utilizing these curricular materials.


The majority of activities come from state approved curricula.
For all lessons listed below, teachers are encouraged to promote responsible use of technology in the classroom and learning environments outside of the classroom (i.e. using iPod touch or mobile computing device to record data).


Below you will find lessons in a variety of subjects, broken down for grades 1-3 and grades 4-6.



Taking it Outside


All Grades - Reducing Screen Time

TV Viewing - How Much Do I Watch?
Active Games Instead of TV


All Grades - Health and PE

Animal Walks
Bicycle Adventures
Calories Burned
Catch a Tail
Frog Crossing
Go Outside Tag
I See, I See Outdoor Fun
Outdoor Activity Circuit
Outdoor Cooking and Living
Unplug Elbow Tag
Warming Up Properly


Grade 1-3 - Art

Assemblage: Materials from Nature
Learning to Look, Learning to See
Sponge Bears
What Happens Next?


Grades 1-3 - Language Arts

Alice in Waterland
Notecard Stories
Act like a Seedling


Grades 1-3 - Math

Guess the Outdoor Object
Hunt for Shapes
Measure the Outdoor Object


Grades 1-3 - Science

Ants on a Twig
Be a Birdseed Detective
Bug Walk
The Power of Wind
What's Wild?


Teacher Curriculum

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